Como Factory Reset iPhone sem senha

Simple Guide to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

Hi, I want to factory reset iPhone without passcode. Any help? Thanks!”

Did you forgot your iPhone password? Want to reset your iPhone without password? Não se preocupe! I will show you the solutions. But before you are going to perform a factory reset without password, I want to let you know more about the background information. There are several kinds of ‘reset’, such as soft reset, factory reset, etc.

Forgot your Apple ID? You can check how to reset iPhone without Apple ID too.

Soft Reset Factory Reset
Quick – less than 5 minutes. Slower.
Very little risk. Little risk.
No loss of data. Total loss of data.
Contatos, messages, photographs, music … etc. will be lost.
Settings maintained. All settings will need to be re-input again, for all apps.
Passwords maintained. All passwords will need to be remembered and reinput.
Easy to complete. Requires careful choices.

Reasons to factory reset your iPhone

  1. You may want to erase all your personal details from the iPhone before you sell it, or transfer it to another user. In this case, you can directly go to the Tips Part in this article.
  2. A factory reset is an essential troubleshooting technique for fixing some iPhone errors, a white screen of death, or a phone which is misbehaving in any way.
  3. It is necessary to reset the iPhone before restoring data from an iCloud backup.
  4. If you just forgot the password, you can also learn how to backup iPhone without passcode and reset iPhone password easily before factory reset it.

Now you have a more background knowledge, we hope you are in a better position to decide how best to proceed if you need to know how to factory reset an iPhone without password.

How to factory reset iPhone without a password via iTunes

Please pay attention to Step 1.

Além disso, please note, this works if and only if you have synced your iPhone using iTunes in the past. If you have synced using iTunes before, you will not be asked again for your passcode.

Degrau 1. Back up your iPhone, because all the data will be erased by a factory reset.

Degrau 2. Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable and launch iTunes.

Degrau 3. Click on ‘Restore iPhone’.

reset iphone without password via iTunes

If you have synced before, this is a good way to reset your iPhone without a passcode.

Degrau 4. From the iTunes dialogue box, click ‘Restore’.

reset iphone without password via iTunes

Degrau 5. In the iPhone Software Update window, click ‘Next’.

start to reset iphone without password via iTunes

Degrau 6. On the next window, click ‘Agreeto accept the license terms and to continue.

reset iphone without password processing

Degrau 7. Be patient whilst iTunes downloads iOS and restore your iPhone.

reset iphone without password completed

This method has worked many times, for many users. However, the big cost is that you will have lost ALL your data. All your contacts, photographs, messages, music, podcasts, notes etc. will have gone. There is a simpler, better way which we will introduce you to further down. For the moment, we will stick with what Apple has to offer you.