How to Fix iPhone Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

If you are an iPhone user, you may come across an annoying issue that your iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi network every few minutes. This may result from issues on your iPhone or your WiFi network. Please try the methods below one by one and see if any of them can fix the problem.

1) Check the status of your WiFi network

Once you find that your iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi network, please ensure that your device is within the network range. You may also need to use other devices to see if they also have the same disconnection problem.

If you find out that the problem is from your network. You can reset your router by following its instruction. Or you can contact your network provider or device manufacturers for solutions if you encounter any hardware problem.

If there is no problem in your network devices, and your iPhone still keeps disconnecting, you can try the following ways on your iPhone.

2) Forget and reconnect to the network

If your iPhone disconnects from WiFi frequently, you can try forgetting and reconnecting to your wireless network. This will help you reset the network settings on your iPhone and can fix your problem.

a) On your iPhone, tap and open Settings, and then select WiFi.

b) Tap the information mark (!) of the WiFi network you are connecting to.

c) Tap Forget This Network.

d) Then you need to reconnect your iPhone to your WiFi network and input the password of that network again. After your iPhone is reconnected, you can see if the problem is fixed.

3) Renew Lease

Lease renewing can update the address information of your network. This can fix multiple network issues. You can give it a try when your iPhone disconnects from WiFi frequently.

  • Open Settings, go to WiFi and tap the information mark (!) of your WiFi network (just as steps to b in the method above shows).
  • On your WiFi network information screen, find and tap Renew Lease.
  • Check and see if your iPhone WiFi connection gets back to normal.

4) Reset Network Settings

Sometimes your iPhone network issues can be solved by resetting your iPhone network settings. You can try this when the methods above do not work.

  • Open settings and go to General.
  • Find Reset at the bottom and tap it.
  • Select Reset Network Settings
  • Enter the passcode if you are prompted. Then the system will ask you to confirm your action, and you should tap Reset Network Settings.
  • The step above will restart your iPhone and reset its network settings. After that, try connecting your device to your WiFi network and see if the connection problem is fixed.

It is possible that when you fix your WiFi network and try the methods above on your device you still get the problem that your iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi network. In that case, there may be some issues in your iPhone, and it is recommended that you contact Apple support and see if they can help.